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The "Jaguar II" camo Crossbow model is innovative. 175LBS with compression of the design of the case, the movement of the handle forward offers better ergonomic design and functional balance - Jaguar II "camo Crossbow 175LBS Compacting crossbow design by swifting the grip forward to achieve more ergonomic design and operational balance

Jaguar II 175lbs Camo Crossbow

The ergonomic design of this arch makes it unique.
Beautifully constructed, high quality ergonomics and unparalleled power are just some of the features offered by the Jaguar II. A high-power, precision shotgun, affordable and ideal for shooting.
The Jaguar has durable fiberglass tips that can withstand the pressure under the rudder. The trigger has a very clever anti-dry fire that prevents you from shooting the junction without a bolt being loaded. This results in extended service life of crosses and strings and prevents wear / damage caused by dry firing
The barrel is made of aluminum and has a picatinny that allows the placement of lasers and optics. This not only balances the weight, but helps you achieve an accurate shooting time. To further increase your accuracy, an adjustable reinforced composite stock is adjusted. In addition, a Compatible AR Grip is mounted on the Jaguar II giving it a special look and a pleasure to shoot. On the side of the case you have a red dot, a cutting rope, a triangle with a bolt, 3 x 16 '' aluminum bolts and a wax cord

Technical details:
Arrow speed: 260 fps
Draw Height: 175 lbs
Power Stroke: 11 "
Width: 26 "-3/5
Weight: 4.9lbs
Length: 30.5 "-33"
weight: 2.2kg
Camo color

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