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About us

Our company was founded in 1984 after the deliberate decision of KRYONA FILIPPOU to start something responsibly new for the Greek market based on his experience in the organization of wholesale companies.


And so it all started ... Just like the story of the apple that was sold and with the profit two new apples were bought, then three, four, five ...

Today, Alpin Outdoor Co has increased its range from a few to thousands of products. Being wholesalers and representatives offering you the best Value for money, representing large factories abroad, replacing the intermediation of third parties.

The site is another concept towards fulfilling on the one hand the informative purpose and fast service to our customers and on the other hand to meet new reliable partners.

And we do not stop looking for and demanding the high quality of the products we offer.

Why we support Alpin Outdoor Co!

This is why we pay close attention to our customers, always trying to be accurate and polite.

Our team of young, responsible and radiant employees is always at your disposal to help you as much as possible - questions, product selection tips, deliveries, etc.

We do not stop growing, growing, always offering the best, increasing the range of our products and looking for new opportunities to prove ourselves in the world of online marketing.

The world of Alpin Outdoor is evolving!

ALPIN flashlights and knives, Redarrow bows, RAZOR EDGE scissors, Venus watchstraps, are some of the items available on the site.

In addition, the exclusives in knives MIguel Nieto and Andre Verdier