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Guarantee form

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Guarantee form

Dear customers,
Thank you for choosing Alpin Outdoor Co flashlights To be able to offer you the high level of service you deserve, read the following terms and conditions carefully and make sure you keep the purchase receipt or invoice in case it needs to be covered by warranty.

We provide a guarantee for our products for up to 4 years. During the warranty period we will repair or replace an Alpin Outdoor Co flashlight that has ceased to operate under normal operating conditions.

For the application of the guarantee by the service

  1. You have to sent the receipt or purchase invoice
  2. Have completed the application
  3. It would be better to send a photo related to the fault

If a warranty request is accepted the dealership will comply with the obligations and the buyer will not be charged. The repair time will depend on the availability of spare parts or other components.
In order to provide the fastest and most efficient service, we suggest that you contact the local dealer or seller who purchased the product.
Alpin Outdoor Co may replace defective products with upgraded products of the same series or similar performance in the event that replacement or repair can not occur in time or the products have been removed or for other reasons.

Please refer to the table below to see the warranty periods between the products.


Hand lights & head lights 1

Diving flashlights 12 MONTHS FREE REPAIR

WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS: Products that are damaged due to: Damage caused by misuse, Damage caused by leaking batteries or falling from an excessive height, Intervention on the device by a person not authorized by our company, Use of unsuitable spare parts, accessories or consumables which do not comply with the specifications set by the factory, Use in an application or environment that you do not foresee or is not recommended by the manufacturer, Submitting electrical stress (e.g. fluctuations in electrical voltage), beyond those provided for in the specifications, Any mistake during installation , Damage to consumables , Negligence or poor storage and maintenance which is not in accordance with the instructions for use given with the purchase.

Damage to the appearance of the product is not included in the warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

After the expiration of their respective warranty periods, all Alpin Outdoor Co flashlights will be backed by our limited lifetime warranty. This type of warranty covers the cost of labor and maintenance with the exception of any parts or replacements that may be required and any shipping charges.