Bow Exterminator 15-70LB FOLIUM CAMO RISER

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ΚΩΔ: CO-035F


Adjustable Βοw 15-70 lbs up to 310FPS m / s speed.


Bow Exterminator CO-035SB

Small bow, designed and machined by CNC to reduce vibration.
Easy to use with excellent accuracy and stability in pulling.
Its high aesthetics and incomparable ergonomic design ensure overall power and shooting control.
Very powerful bow, ideal for hunting. It can reach up to 310FPS m / s speed. Top in quality and reliability

Brace height 7 "
Draw Length 17-31 ''
Draw Weight 15-70lbs
Ax to axle 30 ’’
Weight 3,6lbs
Suggested Arrow D-030 Carbon arrow 30 ''
Package includes: 2 * 30 "carbon Arrow, 2 * string silencers, 1 * 3 bolt quiver Black, 1 * peek sight, 1 * Aluminum bow sight equpped to 3 optic pin, 1 * Biscuit Arrow rest, 1 * String Silencer

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