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Training Karambit Semi-Automatic Alpin Outdoor

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ΚΩΔ: 16488RD


Ideal Training Knife - Non-Sharpened Blade - Drop Resistant - Suitable for "tricks". Alpin Outdoor

Knife Carabit 16488RD Alpin

  • Includes spring on the shutter for easier opening.
  • Lightweight aluminum handle and Carambit curved blade.
  • Finger grip on the finish and includes a pocket clip on the back for easy access and transport. Finally, it has a closing lock.
  • Non-sharpened blade and nose.
  • Suitable for practicing "tricks", without the possibility of injury.
  • Includes spring on the shutter for easier opening. 

Weight: 118gr. 

 BLADE: Stainless Steel 3r13

HANDLE: Black Aluminum

Blade length: 7.5 cm.

Handle length: 10.5 cm.

Total length: 18 cm.

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