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Merino Wool Socks with 3 tightening Bandage belts 2pairs army

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ΚΩΔ: 816 ARMY 43-45


Thermal Escape Isothermal wool socks - Greek Product

Socks MerinoWool with 3 tightening zones 2pcs black 46-48

Specially designed for difficult winter days and all your outdoor activities.

Faster removal of sweat through the ventilation channels in the footbed to keep the foot always dry.
Reinforced elastic band (bandage type) to support the metatarsal and arch of the foot. Revitalizes blood circulation from the pressure of walking in an ideal way
Terry knit for maximum thermal performance and step comfort Ensures protection against pressure sores and skin strain.
Comfortable non-slip hem. It ensures protection from the uneven surface of the sole of the shoe and prevents the sock from slipping off the foot.
Reinforced stitching in selected areas of higher pressure and friction for durability and comfort.
Comfortable reinforced hem without tightening on the calf to adapt to any type of leg, help circulation and at the same time do not tire
Produced in Greece
Color: Black – Khaki

Classification: Winter from 0 to -200 C
Activity: Intensive multi-day hiking


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