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Sailor Type folding Knife Alpin Outdoor

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A folding sailor knife with blunt tip for quick / easy rope cutting. Features blade, marlinspike, chain wrench, bottle opener and stainless steel handle with ruler.

10710 folding Knife Sailor Alpin Outdoor

A powerful tool for sailing, fishing, designed for quick and easy rope cutting.
It has a blade, marlinspike, chain key, bottle opener and stainless steel handle with 2 "ruler on one side, 5 cm on the other, our navy functional knife is 19 cm long when opened and 4.25" closed.
It can be easily used to select lines as well as to loosen any kind of knots that are difficult to untie.

Stainless Steel Satin
Total length: 19 cm.
Weight: 210gr.
Features blade, marlinspike, bottle opener,
stainless steel handle with ruler.

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