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4D ALPIN TPE Gel + Leather insole Half perforated

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Onesize Sock

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The multiple soft ALPIN Gel corrugated levels provide excellent shock absorption and perhaps the best durability. The only one with Hypoallergenic skin application.

Anatomical Silicone Insole 4D ALPIN
Double application of high absorption elastomer of the vibrations of the heel and the part of the toes. Allows adjustment to weight distribution
Semi-flexible stability frame provides advanced arch support and together with the anatomical cavity ,in the heel gives stability and confidence in fast pacing
Soft TPE Gel is made for maximum feedback and vibration absorption. It absorbs opposing forces from the ground to the foot to distribute the impact with a direct push backwards.
In addition, it provides non-slip protection against the risk of slipping into the shoe
Front punch increases flexibility and airflow while reducing moisture for long lasting comfort and relaxation
Hypoallergenic skin application, low friction, for antimicrobial protection helps prevent blistering and odor retention
Proper metatarsal arch support relieves pressure from the base of the foot to relieve pain in the front
Just trim and fit it for full fit following the guides on the bottom surface

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