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Water Bottle,Medical grade silicone,cross valve buttom,550ml
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Item No: S5-550-BLUE


Bottle  made of silicone folding 550ml

water Bottle Blue Alpin-S5-550

This is a series of BOTTLES-HERBS (made of silicone: same as the one in baby pacifiers), with the following unique characteristics:
1. CERTIFIED according to FDA / LFGB standards.
The basic strain silicone is tested-suitable for food use and a wide range of medical applications. Free of bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S (BPS), estrogenic activity (EA) and androgenic activity (AA).

2. Excellent resistance to falls, even when full.
3. The auxiliary pressure valve adds air, restoring the shape of the hermit crab, helping it NEVER LOSE ITS SHAPE, even if it fits, for example, in a bicycle case or bag.

• With a part of special silicone on the lid, which touches the mouth and seals when the lid is closed.
• With a special anti-leak valve (provided only by ALPIN water lifts), so that even with the lid open, the slightest leakage from the bottle can be avoided if it turns upside down (when moving, for example, on a bicycle, exercise, in a bag) .
5. Possibility of FOLDING the main stem of the bottle when it is empty, saving space
(up to -60%), making transport more convenient than any other ordinary hermit crab.

6. Ideal RESISTANCE TO TEMPERATURES FROM -500 C TO +1000 C. They are also dishwasher safe. But even if you prefer hand washing, their design is such that it makes the process much easier compared to other water bottles!
7. Our ponds are suitable, useful and necessary for your every activity, such as:
• Hiking / Mountaineering!
• Cycling!
• Work (Coffee, Refreshments, etc.)!
• The school!
• Running (Due to Folding)!
• But also for reading, office, work, gym, ideal for your personal goal of drinking water!

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