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Folding Glass 2nd generation Medical Grade Silicon
Common price: 7,90 € Our price: 7,40 €

Item No: C7-BL


Alpin Silicone Folding Glass

Alpin-C7Grey Folding Glass

Half a trillion disposable cups are used and thrown away every year worldwide. Using your own cup in coffee and tea shops will help you reduce this useless statistic.
• The Alpin Outdoor folding cup is made from safe, recyclable materials, including food grade silicone. reaching just 1cm and extending to 10cm, the 355 ml cup is ready to use anywhere - in the office, at the airport or in the park! Alpin Outdoor
• Safe - Does not contain chemicals as only Alpin Outdoor can guarantee Reusable - Eco-friendly
• Foldable for easy storage with a large inner diameter
• It is sterilized and cleaned in the dishwasher
• Silicone - 100% Food Grade Silicone as in baby pacifiers
• All parts of the glass are FDA / LFGB certified and the silicone is tested suitable for food use as well as for a wide range of medical applications.
• Suitable for hot and cold drinks from -40C0 to  +147C0

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