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Item No: CR-097AD130


Τhe "Cobra RX Adder" Tactical Repeating Crossbow! 130LBS

Compacting crossbow design by swifting the grip forward to achieve more ergonomic design and operational balance.

Cobra System R9 Self Cocking Crossbow

A fast shooter handling this crossbow uses a built-in cocking lever. The traction length of the Cobra R9 with a length of 19.05 cm is intended for 130 grains of 7.5 "carbon arrows with a speed of 240 fps, about twice the kinetic energy of the conventional pistol arrow!
The edges can be removed quickly and uninstalled without tools, so the bow can be stored compactly in a suitcase or bag. This simple disassembly complies with EU requirements where the case must remain inoperable during transport. Ergonomically designed frame and pistol grip with connecting device properties (the so-called tube). The R9 Cobra has many well-placed Picatinny rails that allow you to mount different accessories.
Technical details:
Arrow speed: 270 fps
Safety device: ADF, automatic
Case length (base): 20.5 "- 52 cm
Length of limbs - 47 cm
Length of limbs (stretched): 39.40 cm
Stock: telescopic
Stock length: 75 cm
Length with Stock (extended): 81 cm
Weight: 2.35 Kg
Black color

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