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Slingshot with Advanced spring system
Common price: 43,80 € Our price: 40,90 €

Item No: Cr-2


Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot with Catapult Outdoor Spring Slingshot Laser Slingshot Red Point Shooting Arrow Slingshot

Slingshot Cr2

The sling head made of 100% steel. Increased power and initial speed. The handle made of aluminum alloy with design, professional
Rely on the lever and the camshaft, so the initial speed is accelerated based on the strength of the hand and the hose. Four springs offer balanced help for energy production.
shooting and fits in different hands.
You can choose to use it or not freely.
Design with elaborate curvature
Specialized socket for installing a clamp that can be equipped with a flashlight
Trainer slingshot
Product material: high quality alloy + stainless steel
290 * 150 * 160mm
Product weight: 790g

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