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Folding Knife ALPAGE - Sanvik Inox – Ebone

Common price: 17,30 €

ΚΩΔ: 311


Inox Alpage Knife with ebony wooden handle. Stainless steel Knife Alpage with wooden handle Εbony.  A sturdy, flexible knife made in France by leading knife maker Andre Verdier in Celles-sur-Durolle.

Andre Verdier 311 ALPAGE

A sturdy, versatile Folding knife from France.

With stainless steel blade, 11 cm handle, with rotating ring / double guide (patented) made of Ebony.

The folding knife Andre Verdier Alpage with ebony wood handle is the perfect gift for rural lovers. There is an open and closed locking system. The knife comes in a cardboard box and is small and light enough to put in your pocket.

VERDIER was founded in Celles-sur-Durolle near Thiers,the French capital of knives, for more than six centuries and continues the art. It is currently run by two brothers, Ronan and Aubry Verdier, who follow a 100% French manufacturing strategy.

BLADE: SS Sandvik 2.5mm stainless steel

HANDLE: ebony wood

Blade length: 8.5 cm.

Handle length: 11 cm.

Total length: 19 cm.

Weight: 45 gr.

Andre Verdier is one of the leading knife makers in France, famous not only for pocket knives, but also for a whole range of other knives.

Quality control is central with each piece going through up to 50 stages in the manufacturing process.

André Verdier is one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in all of France, driven to deliver excellence in production and design. They make a range of authentic knives.

Manufacturer URL : www.verdiermanufacture.fr

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