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Pocket XtraDryFast Microfiber ALPIN Towel

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Microfiber Quick Dry Towel - Pocket XtraDryFast Microfiber Alpin Outdoor

• With three different colors in 2 different dimensions, the Alpin Outdoor towels are ready to cover every need.
• Alpin Outdoor guarantees that its towels are made of high quality microfibers, making them dry quickly, which eliminates the possibility of germs and odors, ideal even for breakfast.
That's why Alrofin Outdoor Microfiber towels come with a handy perforated carrying case that you can even hang on the outside of your backpack or suitcase. Simultaneously with the carrying case, each towel has a loop to hang it anywhere to dry in a few minutes.
• Revolutionary knitting makes them very absorbent (they absorb 7 times their weight in water -Alpin Outdoor-), they dry quickly, they are very light and they are extremely reliable in use and time.
With a size of only 7 cm when folded, it makes it ideal for swimming pool, gym, for trips and excursions either in the mountains or the sea along with the other products of Alpin Outdoor.
• Easy to wash: Wash by hand or in the washing machine without the use of a dryer. The use of the emollient is indicated due to long-term use.

Size: 72 * 55 * 35mm
MIcrofiber Towel Size: 900 * 320mm

Αναδιπλωμενη πετσετα MIcrofiber σε θηκη μεταφορας
Αναδιπλωμενη πετσετα MIcrofiber σε θηκη μεταφορας

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Αναδιπλωμενη πετσετα MIcrofiber σε θηκη μεταφορας

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