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Item No: CR-0133BA


Crossbow Compound Ballistic 370 185lbs with scope 4X32

Crossbow -CR-0133BA

The Compound Ballistic Roller Coaster is intended for experienced shooters and is very accurate.
Made with CNC from aluminum alloy
Arrow speed up to 370 Fps which is about 113 m / s
Amphidex trigger lock (each time we arm the string it locks itself).
Pistol handle
Picatinny rail 19 cm long for mounting a lens, binoculars or laser.
Detachable quiver for 6 arrows.
The set includes:
4X32 combat binoculars with Crosshair crosshair and adjustment rings.
Detachable quiver for 6 arrows.
3 carbon arrows with metal screw tip 43 cm.

Weight: 4.12kg
Lenght: 36.3 ''
String Lenght: 38 ''
Ax to Ax: 28 ’’
Draw Weight: 185lbs
Limb: Compression Molded Fiberglass
Barrel: Aluminum Alloy
Stock: Plastic
Speed: 310 feet / sec
Packing: 5pcs / ctn
Suggested bolt: D-024M
EXTRA: Red Dot, String Wax,
Eyeglasses, 4 Arrows, Padded Shoulder String
, 6 arrow Quiver

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