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XtraDrySoft Fleece Microfiber Army Towel EΣ Perforated 70*140mm
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Item No: MF150Ar


Ideal for the soldier and the high demands of the armed forces. Take advantage of the properties of microfiber fabric to your advantage

The alpin towel now adapted to the needs of the army

2nd generation Microfiber towel with a velvety texture that has nothing to envy to cotton, while at the same time the perforated construction enables it to dry when suspended in the air 2 times faster than a classic microfiber.

Innovation in manufacturing

They eliminate the possibility of the growth of microbes and odors due to the special knitting of high-quality microfibers.
It dries 6 times faster than a normal towel and 2 times faster than a simple microfiber
Revolutionary knitting makes them very absorbent up to 10 times their weight in water,
With minimal size and weight, only 18 cm when folded makes it ideal for travel and mountain and sea excursions
Easy to wash: Wash by hand or in the washing machine without using a dryer on delicates. The use of the conditioner is indicated for long-term use.
Alpin Outdoor flexibility in packaging

A handy perforated carrying case is provided which you can even hang on the outside of the backpack or use the loop on the towel to hang it anywhere or wrap it in your hand

Microfiber Towel Size: 70x140cm
Weight: 55gr

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