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Item No: D268


Compact, powerful rechargeable lens, which can produce a maximum output of 1500 lumens. It has 3 (high-power chip) LEDs independently between them to avoid overheating, and a special mechanism that places them each time in the center of the mirror. It is ideal for map reading, hunting, signal communication and other outdoor activities.

Waterproof rechargeable ALPIN flashlight with double button and RGB lighting

  • White + RGB high power LED chip
  • Special mechanism that places each LED in the center of the mirror for a better distribution of the light.
  • Instant response double rear switch
  • Maximum power of 1500 Lumens with a beam that reaches the
  • Made of aircraft aluminum with hidden USB C charging port, waterproof and dustproof
  • Battery power control during operation in real time with four steps
  • 2nd generation “SMO” mechanism in the mirror for precise focusing without the problematic rings of conventional mirrors
  • ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) technology temperature control
  • 2.5hrs Charging Time Direct charging from USB type C while the circuit prevents the battery from overcharging and undercharging.
  • Automatically OFF when fully charged - Automatically OFF when the battery is low
  • Battery operating hours:

o White: 1 hour 1500lm, 1.5 hours 800lm, 6 hours 140lm

o Red 2.5 hours 90lm, 7 hours 35lm, 7.5 hours 6lm

o Green 5 hours 90lm, 7.5 hours 35lm, 55 hours 6lm

  • Dimensions: 146.5*40*28MM
  • Weight: 157g [without batteries]
  • Standards:
  • 1m drop protection
  • IPX68 Waterproof
  • Contrary to the majority of individual lighting systems that suffer from the constant decrease in brightness during use, this product with AC-DC control of the supply achieves the ability to maintain its high lighting efficiency until the full utilization of its entire of her cargo.
  • Battery: 1 x3.77V 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery [included] - Charges: 600 cycles [Goes to ~80% Capacity after 500 cycles]
  • Accessories: Micro USB & Holding Strap & Clip[included]

Double tail button design The Use

(1) round key switch to control on/off,

(2) Long press the triangle mode switch button in any state to enter the flash mode. when on, click toggle through the high brightness, medium brightness, and low light circles.

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