Silver anti-odor spray

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Universal shoe Deodorant to unique construction - Shoe Deodorant for all types in innovative construction.

Universal shoe Deodorant 3006

Shoe deodorant eliminates bad smell by fighting the bacteria that cause it.

Regulates foot sweat and moisture on the inside of shoes.

Gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the day.
The shoe deodorant SILVER UNIVERSAL SHOE DEODORANT is applied every day for an excellent result.
Deodorant, antibacterial action

• Prevents bad smell

• Contributes to the proper hygiene of the inside of shoes and feet

• Easy and practical to use

• Result that lasts all day

• Caution light pressing, it has a strong smell

Capacity (Volume): 100ml

It takes 15 minutes to dry.

How to Protect Your Shoes agains Foot Odour
How to Protect Your Shoes agains Foot Odour

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How to Protect Your Shoes agains Foot Odour

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