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Headlight 330Lm Sensor + Night Nision Green

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Item No: 146NvG


All in one sensor NvG Headlight Alpin
5-function Alpin head lens with NvG emission in secondary mode

Memory Function: Returns to the selected one after 3 seconds
Fully Customizable Sensor: With Sensor for use with distance movement
An additional USB charger is provided
Red LED ON - charges / Green LED ON - fully charged
Lighting distance 55m.
Working hours
Strong ladder 4 hours - 330Lumens
Low scale 7 hours - 105 Lumens
12 hours fast FLASHING
10 hours RED - 2 Lumens
32 hours fast RED FLASHING
Press the function button for 2 seconds to enter the secondary mode
1 X 3.7v Lithium Battery1800mah [Incl.]
DC-DC regulator to harness all battery power
Size 70 * 40 * 38mm
102gr [with batteries]
In addition
Head strap
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