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The winter isothermal Alpin Outdoor (35% Cotton-60% Polyamid-5% Elastine) perfectly combines the properties of cotton with those of polyester.
It keeps the body temperature constant, protecting from the ambient temperature and prevents sweating, thanks to the HeatEx fabric in its OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 standard.

It is suitable for the body and suitable for any activity, such as skiing, mountaineering, hiking, running, cycling, etc.

Alpin Outdoor Thermoactive clothes keep the body temperature stable, even if there is difference than of the environment. They are made of breathable material, and prevent sweating by transpiring humidity, - fitted cut supports compression -flat seams -round neckline -long sleeves. Thermal clothes must be tight to the body and are suitable for any kind of activity such as skiing, climbing, trekking, running, cycling, etc.

The winter isothermal Alpin Outdoor is specially made for greater comfort, keeping the muscles relaxed,
ensuring stable performance. Made in Greece according to the standard OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Equipped with HeatEx elastic fabric (= cotton & polyester), it is the ideal choice:
on the one hand for healthy, skin-friendly clothing, letting the skin breathe (cotton) and
on the other hand to maintain the temperature and prevent the body from sweating (polyester).
This way, your body is kept cool, dry, without sweat and light, so that nothing stands in the way between you and your workout.
At the same time, it keeps you warm on cold winter days, in any of your outdoor activities. It is the best solution for temperatures from -10 to +20!

100% antibacterial fabric.
The only one that is made of 35% Cotton-60% Polyamid-5% Elastine and repels body odors. The anti-bacterial properties of the fabric prevent the formation of bacteria,
which are the main cause of unpleasant odors.
Applies without restricting user movements. Designed for intense activity, exercise and hunting.

The special structure keeps the temperature constant. Optimal temperature control.

Additional characteristics :

Special construction with different dimensions on the front and back, embracing the proportions of the torso, according to the anatomy of the human body.
Special finishes on the sleeves, to better fit the coat on the wrists.
Available in colors: Black

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