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Pro-Tools Combination Padlock with Blister
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Item No: 21-4


Padlock with Combination of 4 Digits Pro Tools for Suitcases, Bags, Cabinets

Padlock Pro Tools - 21-4


- Padlock with durable body and hardened neck with a diameter of 2.5mm

- With a combination of 4 digits

- Black base size: 2.2 x 1 cm

- Ideal for luggage, suitcases, sports bags, cabinets, toolboxes, etc.
Ideal for luggage to travel without stress for the safety of your luggage.

With a combination that is easy to program or change

How to operate the padlock combination:

- When we open the padlock from its packaging, looking at it on the side we see that it has engraved arrows
above and below the digits

- To open it we have to put between the engraved arrows the combination that is set by the factory: 0000

- We open the padlock by pulling up its neck

- Rotate its neck 90 ° counterclockwise as we look at the padlock from above

As shown in Figure 2 on the back of the package
- To adjust our new combination, push down the neck of the padlock in the above position

As shown in Figure 3 on the back of the package
- In this position we put our own combination in the digits

- Care is needed here to make sure we remember this code later

- Now rotate the neck of the padlock clockwise to put it in its hole and finalize our new combination

- Our padlock is ready for use, we close it and shuffle the digits so that our combination is not obvious to others

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