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Stainless Steel Padlock Pro-Tools 4*30mm/open with the same key
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Item No: 30S4


Padlock with no springs for even better corrosion protection and maximum durability.
Ideal for safety on boats and outboard engines, for great hardships due to difficult weathers conditions.
Pro-tools stainless steel padlock 30MMx4 (System KA - Open with the same key) Pro-tools

Stainless steel padlock KA System Pro Tools 30MMx4

Solid body made of hard brass Nickel-plated, for a long time, without rusting.
Stainless steel neck (Stainless steel SUS 304) with coating of special material for maximum protection during sawing, tampering and rust 100% Stainless steel in the internal components, from non-oxidized materials. Brass rollers for corrosion protection
Absence of springs for even better corrosion protection and maximum durability
Double steel balls in the mechanism for greater safety resistance in case of violation.
Nickel-plated additive protects the lock, as well as offers waterproofing
Waterproof, against rust, suitable for outdoor use, even in extreme conditions
12 keys included
KA system
Nickel Plated Solid body
Double Ball Locking
S.s shackle
Abloy Disc system
Size 30mm

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