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TACTICAL Luminous Trekking Pole,Aluminum Handle,106cm+Additional Part
Common price: 48,20 € Our price: 45,00 €

Item No: G02-2


Magnesium spark plug with solid magnesium rod 75 * 25 * 10

Operational Alpin Outdoor Hiking Baton


Reliability: 6063 aluminum alloy tube and handle provide a stable structure. They feel stable and secure, they are durable for everyday use to be used in harsh outdoor environments. Weight only 390gr
Anti-slip: The surface is equipped with anti-slip texture to prevent slipping. Also suitable for hiking and climbing. All parts are connected by O-Ring which makes the inside of the walking stick watertight.
The outdoor tactical sword is convenient and sharp.
Double head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver and straight.
Saw for easy cutting, harpoon and knife.
Sparkler, survival in the wild.
Soft grip but firm with compass on top.
Multipurpose: outdoor survival functions that cover more than one of your needs. All of the above are accommodated in a camouflage pouch that can be worn around the waist.
Combined extension line: The total length of the walking stick is 140 cm, it is hinged and you could remove 18 cm pieces, practically this means that the walking stick
can be configured to a height of 142 cm or 124 cm or 106 cm.

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