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Shoes Universal Waterproof protector and Renovator

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Item No: 2102-03


Waterproof spray for leather and with a special cap and for suede (left).

Shoes Universal Waterproof protector 

  • Suede & Nubuck impregnation product. Restores the surface appearance and revives original colour.  Regular repeat application maintains the protection and colourfastness of the leather
  • Nanotechnology ensure excellent waterproofing and protection of smooth leather, suede, chamois, fabric and tex materials as the nanoparticles are very small in size creating a cumulative protective layer, while allowing products made of TEX material to breathe. Suitable for all skin types, including suede. It offers effective protection from water and dirt from oil and allows the surface to breathe normally. Composition that does not affect the texture or color of the surfaces.

Dust the object with a brush or lid and renovate the spray before use. Even distribution at 15cm distance for 15 minutes drying is time required.

Aluminum packaging: unlike most products on the market, the packaging is made of aluminum, which guarantees light weight and perfect long-term maintenance: there are no leaks from oxidation and the quality of the product is not affected, so it can be stored at home for several years.

Available in Desert and black.

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