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40S Stainless steel padlock Pro-tools
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Item No: 40S


Padlock without springs for even better corrosion protection and maximum durability.
Ideal for safety on boats and outboard engines,for great hardships due to weather phenomena. Pro-tools stainless steel padlock 40MM

Stainless Steel Pro-Tools Padlock With The Same Key

  • Solid body made of hard brass Nickel-plated, for a long time, without rusting.
  • Neck made of stainless steel, for resistance to additional cutting and sawing.
  • 100% Stainless steel in the internal components, from non-oxidized materials.
  • No springs for maximum time resistance against rust
  • Two ball locking levers for extra protection against inertia and forging
  • KA system
  • Nickel Plated Solid body
  • Double Ball Locking
  • S.s shackle
  • Abloy Disc system


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