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Canon Confetti Electric 80cm

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Item No: 101E


101E electric confetti cannons PartySmile 80cm


ATTENTION: In all cannons the filling is with special paper so that it does not burn (possibility of fire) easily and does not rinse with plain water on the clothes of the guests.

CODE: 101 Length: 80cm
Height: about 20 meters.
Box: 20 pieces

CODE: 103 Length: 60cm
Height: about 15 meters.
Box: 25 pieces

CODE: 105 Length: 40cm
Height: about 8 meters.
Box: 40 pieces

CODE: 106 Length: 30cm
Height: about 5 meters.
Box: 40 pieces

CODE: 107 Length: 28cm
Height: about 4 meters.
Box: 40 pieces

CODE: 208 Length: 28cm
Height: about 3 meters.
Box: 60 pieces

CODE: 209 Length: 26cm
Height: about 2 meters.
Box: 60 pieces

FILLING: Rings, parachutes, Metal paper, plain paper, ribbon
Contact us for fillings.

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