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Headlamp 400lm Sensor with Red SMD + Battery Indicator + White Cob + Hybrid System

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ΚΩΔ: 146Wh


All in one sensor Wh Headlight Alpin
5-function Alpin headlamp with White COB emission in secondary mode

Rechargeable ALPIN flashlight with 1 CREE 5W XPE + Wh COB + Red SMD

Small and very light with a maximum brightness of 400Lm
Easy activation and low brightness for everyday use
Free call adjustment Electronic switch to adjust the brightness with Off at any time.
Battery power control during operation with 5-point indicator on the back
4hrs Charging Time Direct charging from Micro USB
Blue LED ON – Indicative 1 step
Blue LED ON – Indicative 5 steps
Fully Customizable Sensor The sensor works on any scale we want.
Memorizes the function and returns to the same one after 3 seconds
Newly designed mechanism in the mirror for wide-angle aiming. The light falls evenly on all levels.
Working hours
Strong ladder 4 hours - 330Lumens
Low level 7 hours - 105 Lumens
12 hours fast FLASHING
10 hours RED - 10 Lumens
32 hours fast RED FLASHING
COB Battery Operating Hours:
UV COB: 25 hours 120Lumens
Press the function button for 2 seconds to enter the secondary function
Hybrid Battery system
1 X 3.7v Lithium Battery 1200mah [Approx] - Charges: 600 cycles [Goes to ~80% Capacity after 500 cycles]
3*AAA Alkaline Battery [Not Included]
Size 70*40*38mm
102gr [with batteries]
1m drop protection
IP6X Dust Protection
IPX4 Waterproof
Extra : Head strap & Headrest & USB cable
Contrary to the majority of individual lighting systems that suffer from the constant decrease in brightness during use, this particular product with AC-DC supply control achieves the ability to maintain its high lighting efficiency until full -discharge of all her cargo.

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