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Nieto Μαχαιρι LINEA SEMPER Bohler/G10 handle

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Miguel Nieto SEMPER Survival Knife with Miguel Nieto SEMPER excellent quality leather case survival knife to finest leather sheath. For the first time in a black blade to hide in night mode. It was designed entirely in Miguel Nieto's workshop in Albacete, Spain.

143Ν Miguel Nieto SEMPER

The experience and the quality that Miguel Nieto can guarantee both in the design and in the construction of this knife of Semper category makes it suitable for every case. The blade is made of high quality stainless steel Vanadium 1.4116 and Bohler N690 Co providing the best strength and power and is very well fixed to the handle increasing the resistance to any heavy load.
BLADE: Steel Vanadium 1.4116 and Bohler N690 Co
HANDLE: resin handle
Blade length: 16 cm.
Handle length: -
Total length: 30 cm.


MIGUEL NIETO SL Sports Cutlery Factory, has its origins at the beginning of the twentieth century in a land of deeprooted knife tradition as Albacete and totally artisan procedures driver} by Inocencio Nieto.

It will be in 1957 when Miguel and Inocencio will join their father in order to start manufacturing for the most prestigious cutlery of that time. With great effort and with the limitations of a small workshop they manage to manufacture knives that would not have their own brand yet. At that time a suitcase and a motorbike were essential instruments to get sold at the different agricultural fairs of that moment.

The brand M. NIETO will arrive in 1980 thanks to the initiative of Miguel Nieto Guillen and his sons who undertake a new and exciting project of manufacturing with their own brand that crystallized in 1987 with the foundation of MIGUEL NIETO SL.

A constant desire to improve and adapt to the demands of the market as well as the search for customer satisfaction has led us in this new stage to the incorporation of different high quality steels for the manufacture of our knives (Bolder N-690co, Bolder N-695, Sandvik 14C28N, Vanadium 1,4116 among others). The quality, the latest technologies and the attachement to the traditions that gave meaning to their origins are the hallmark and identity mark of the factory that we are today.

The constant effort of a whole production and marketing team, the specialization and skill of a human work group as well as the trust of our customers have given prestige to our brand and our products. For all this, for the way traveled and the one to remains to be traveled , we want to express our sincere gratitude.


Miguel Nieto

All our knives are designed according to the advice of experienced hunters and professional soldiers, keeping in mind their purpose.
Line of professional hunting knives that meet the needs of the hunter. Hunting knives,
knives and for those who want an effective tool.
Knives in a classic design world known as "BOWIE" to satisfy all kinds of customers, a mixed production, so the blades are made with all the technical developments and the handles are completely handmade.
Almost all of them are in one piece,
with an effective handle and handles in exotic wood, deer antler and brass, aluminum or stainless steel 330.
Battle knives only for regular use on different types of blades, grounded on the handle for better use and weighed in forprene
or katex. The blade finish is shiny and the tip ends with a cut

Since 2007 our company uses Steel AN58 INOX

Over the years, using different types of steel and from our experience, MIGUEL NIETO SL has decided to produce a
completely new steel that meets the requirements currently required in a high quality product: hardness, corrosion
resistance, edge maintenance and resistance in impacts.
This is guaranteed by Science and Engineering at the Materials College of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Curing takes place in a controlled atmosphere oven at 1,060 ° C and drying for 3 hours at 350 °, with a hardness of 58 ° to 60 ° HRC.

Weight: 266 gr.
It includes a leather case like the ones that only MIGUEL NIETO delivers for belt passage.

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