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PodoSept Antibacterial Disinfectant for use inside shoes - 120ml
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Item No: 7502


Alcohol-containing disinfectant with chloroxidine for effective foot and shoes disinfection - Disinfectant containing alcohol with chlorhexidine for more effective disinfection of feet and shoes. Suitable for new recruits, camping, countryside.

Antibacterial Disinfectant -7502

Clinically tested shoe and foot disinfectant, eliminates bad breath by fighting the bacteria and fungi that cause it.
It regulates the sweat of the feet and the humidity of the inside of the shoes. Its antibacterial action prevents infections and the growth of fungi, thus preventing bad breath instead of covering it.
Gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the day. Podosept Disifectant Foot Deodorant is applied every day for excellent results.

• Deodorant, antibacterial action

• Prevents bad breath

• Contributes to the proper hygiene of the inside of shoes and feet

• Easy and practical to use
• Result that lasts all day

• Caution light pressing, it has a strong smell
Capacity (Volume): 120ml

Preventive foot disinfection:
Spray evenly on the upper, lower toe, toenails and between the toes, lightly moisturizing and rubbing into the leather.
Allow the product to act for 30 seconds and allow it to dry. Treat as needed, for example before and after using replacement shoes, after visiting a public sauna, gym or pool, starting / finishing wet work. etc. Do not use on open wounds!

100 gr of product contains: Alcohols (ethanol. Lsopropanol) 75g,

Chlorhexldlne gluconate 2g


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