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Alpin Head Lamp with Sensor
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Item No: 108Β


 Head Light 220Lm + Sensor

ALPIN flashlight with 1 Xte + 10 SmD LED

Battery power check during operation with 5-point display by pressing the function button for 3sec
Newly designed mechanism in the mirror for wide-angle aiming. The light falls evenly on all levels.
Independent switches for easy selection between Sensor and basic LED (220lum)
Battery operating hours:
5 hours 220lm
10 hours 100lm
32 hours Red SmD
Battery: 3*AAA alkaline batteries [included]
Accessories: Lens strap [included]
Dimensions: 060mm x 040mm x 035mm
Weight: 70g [with batteries]
IPX4 Waterproof

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